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Fundamental Life Skills - Manuel DV (002
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Recreation and Leisure Skills

The leisure program is designed to increase the consumer’s participation within a recreational framework both as an in depended person and as a member of the community. Consumer will have access to community and site activities such as: Museums, movie theaters, bowling, parks, local site seeing locations, arts and crafts, Karaoke, Games, dancing, cooking etc.

Motor Development & Fitness


ICS-ADP Team will teach skills to a consumer in developing and following an exercise routine that will address general dietary and health considerations, as well as those documented more specifically in their IPP, when applicable.

Fundamental Life Skills


ICS-ADP will train and support in self-help skills and chores normally practiced in the home; personal Hygiene skills, include daily hair cleanliness, fingernails, toenails, and body cleanliness, brushing teeth and care for the gums, washing hands and face, training young women with menstrual cycle the importance of cleanliness, safe shaving techniques for the men.



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ICS-ADP Team will teach skills to a consumer to exhibit safe and appropriate social behavior; demonstrate appropriate age and gender boundaries in a variety of community environments; those which encourage respectful, legal and safe social interaction in both private and public settings; recognize and understand body language responses; conduct sociable conversation without the use of vulgar or presumably offensive language; positive use of communication with circles of support.


This will include immediate participation in some volunteer fashion at their local community center, senior center, library, etc. Ideally, the consumer, after a certain length of time should be acclimated, comfortable enough to promote both disabled and non-disabled peers and community members to participate in such endeavors as well, possibly furthering a positive impact on their community for years to come.



Special Education


InClusion Services will Instruct consumer in how to gain access to various learning tools, educational literature and formal resource materials and/or classes which will promote the importance of money management via discussion and demonstration with use of pictures in a step-by-step process that explains the abilities and processes of these daily activities when out in the community


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