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Volunteer Sites

The Adult Day Program consumers contribute some of their time to volunteer in sites, such as Rabbit Rescue and the Day Program Community Garden. The consumers are able to enhance and put into practice their community integration, social, communication, recreational, and organizational skills while dedicating their time in these sites. Consumers are accompanied by their instructors to make sure that they are gaining the full benefits from volunteering in these sites.


Rabbit Rescue

Rabbit Rescue is a non-profit and no-kill rabbit shelter that is ran completely by volunteers. Additionally, the shelter’s goals are to rescue the rabbits, rehabilitating the rabbits and contributing to the adoption process where they find loving homes for the rabbits, as well as spreading education to the public on how to properly care for and nurture the rabbits. Furthermore, our Adult Day Program consumers are able to contribute their help to this site by feeding the rabbits and changing their water, disinfecting the cages while cleaning them and then adding hay. The consumers are gaining adaptive skills while they volunteer and are learning to apply them in other places in the community, as well as in their homes.


Day Program Community Garden

The Day Program Community Garden allows the consumers to practice and enhance their organization, recreational, team-building , communication, observation, and social skills as they dedicate their time and effort in keeping the garden blooming with vegetables and flowers that they personally have planted and harvested. Our consumers are also taught what each vegetable and flower is named. They also pick out and wash the vegetables when they are ready to be consumed and are taught in cooking class how to prepare healthy dishes or snacks with the vegetables.

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